Lives and works in San Francisco

BFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco

2014          Contested (1BR) Space, Dan and Cheryl, ATA Window Gallery, San Francisco 
2013          OCCUPY THE DREAM HOUSE, “Silicon Valley Dream House,” Menlo Park, CA
2012          Occupy Docents Occupy the Dream House, enacted at Occupy Bay Area at 
                  Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
2011          CAPITALISM IS OVER! IF YOU WANT IT, Right Window, San Francisco
2010          More Depleted, Gallery 1055, Diocesan House, San Francisco
2008          Depleted Selves, Mission 17, San Francisco
2000          Taking Stock, m&ms and sustenance in the hyper economy, Refusalon,
                  San Francisco
1996          Urban Provincial, Gallery 16, San Francisco
1995          New work, Refusalon, San Francisco
1995          Recent small paintings, Triton Hotel Mezzanine Gallery, San Francisco
1994          Recent oil paintings and mixed media sculpture, Refusalon, San Francisco


2019          Society of Independent Artists Works On Paper, Live Worms Gallery, San Francisco
2014          Magic Car Pit, by Dan and Cheryl, 100 Performances for The Hole, SOMARTS,
                  San Francisco   
2011          Profound Ambivalence, by Dan and Cheryl, Third Strike: 100 Performances
                  for the Hole, SOMARTS, San Francisco
2011          Occupy the Streets of San Francisco, by Dan and Cheryl, Micromanagement,
                  Performance Art Institute, San Francisco
2011          Capitalism Is Over! If You Want It, The Waffle Shop billboard, Pittsburgh
2010          Shadowshop, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA (a project of Stephanie Syjuco)
2010          Capitalism Is Over! If You Want It - at the Luggage Store gallery, San Francisco
2010          Capitalism Is Over! If You Want It, San Francisco
2010          A Space Odyssey, annual auction, Southern Exposure, San Francisco
2009          All Good Things, Mission 17, San Francisco
2008          Politique Poetique, Gallery Theater, Skyline College, San Bruno
2008          These Are the People in Your Neighborhood, Gallery 16, Gallery 16 15th
                  Anniversary Group Show, San Francisco
2005          Past Lives and Personal Exorcisms, Blackbird Space, San Franciscoo
2005          Bay Area Now 4, Stretcher, "The Green Room" Yerba Buena Center for the
                  Arts, San Francisco         
2004          The Way We Work, Southern Exposure Gallery, Stretcher, "The Green Room"
2004          A Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery 16, San Francisco
2004          Smorgasboard, Mighty, San Francisco         
2003          MARK: Contemporary Drawings, Gallery 16, San Francisco
2003          18th Annual Auction, New Langton Arts, San Francisco
2002          FREE 1 hour personal shopping assistance, L7 intervention, San Francisco
2002          Eight Years: The Editions of Gallery 16 prints, multiples, Gallery 16, San
2002          highlight, Goldstrom Maybeck House, CultureLounge & refusalon, Oakland
2000          Light and Video Show, Refusalon, San Francisco
1999          Work from San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Los Angeles, Refusalon, San Francisco
1999          What is Art for? Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, CA
1998          Four Walls, Contemporary Arts Collective, Las Vegas                            
1997          Gallery 16, Iris prints and mixed media, group limited box sets, San Francisco
1997          ICA Monotype Marathon, Collaboration with Robert Ortbal, San Jose, CA
1997          Made in San Francisco, Coin, London, UK
1997          Whatever, Southern Exposure, San Francisco
1996          Nothing Matters, Refusalon, San Francisco
1995          Art: the Great American Pastime, George Krevsky Fine Art, San Francisco

2013          Studio Visit, Edition One Books, Linda Geary
2013          Occupy the Dreamhouse Press Conference/Art Intervention/Institutional Critique, CBS
                  News Channel 5 News Television News segment, Menlo Park, CA
2013          Fair Housing Advocates Argue Against Gambling on Dream Houses, Rutherford
                  Grindle, Jan 10th, 2013, IndyBay
2013          Art Practical Event Pick, Occupy the Dream House Press Conference/Action/Art 
                  Intervention, Art Practical
2013          Protesters Say "Dream House" Raffle a Distraction from Real Housing Woes,     
                  Rutherford Grindle, IndyBay
2012          Occupy Moves Its Cause Indoors, Coburn Palmer, SF Weekly    
2012          Occupy the Dream House Action at YBCA Occupy Art Exhibit, Occupy the 
                  Auctions/ Evictions
2012          Black Blob, Pictures of the day Telegraph UK
2012          The Black Blob, Occupy Wallstreet West. YouTube moosedog00
2012          Amorphous Black Blob Occupies Wall Street West, Occupy Everything,
                  San Francisco Financial District
2011          Shop Talk 3 Respondent, Helena Keefe, OpenSpace, SFMOMA
2011          1001 Chairs for Ai WeiWei, KQED Arts, Christian Frock
2010          Cover image, These Are The People In Your Neighborhood, Gallery 16 Books
2010          Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle, July 20, 2010
2010          Joseph del Pesco interviews David Lawrence and Cheryl Meeker about
2010          Featured Gallery event on SF by Christian L. Frock
2010          Artist’s Response, Portraits and Self-Portraits, by Terri Cohn, Blurb
2008          The Eyes Have It, Traci Vogel, SF Weekly
2006          Anti/Social at Mission 17, Sarah Lockhart, Shotgun Review
2006          Alan W. Moore’s blog review of Considering Curatorial Objectivity, NYFA Current
2004          Double Exposure, Adrienne Gagnon, SF Weekly
2004          The Way We Work, Clark Buckner, SF Bay Guardian
2004          Diamonds and rust, Glen Helfand, San Francisco Bay Guardian
2003          Artweek, Laura Richard Janku, Four Painters, Four Friends
2000          Artists who Transcend Pop, David Bonetti, San Francisco Examiner
2000          Critic’s Choice: Didi Dunphy and Cheryl Meeker, Glen Helfand, SFBG               
1998          Scope, Gregory Crosby, Four Walls at CAC
1997          The Bay Area Reporter, Stephen Jenkins, Whatever at Southern Exposure
1996           Art Papers, Donna Schumacher, Charles Linder and Cheryl Meeker at Gallery   
1996           San Francisco Bay Guardian, Harry Roche, Urban Provincial
1996           Artweek, Terri Cohn, Cheryl Meeker at Refusalon
1996           SF Weekly, Melts in your Mind
1996           Bay Times, Artemisia Reiter, Formal Foods at Refusalon and Belcher Studios
1995           SF Weekly, Johnny Ray Huston, Art: The Great American Pastime

2012           Black Blob Occupies Wall Street West, San Francisco Financial District
2011           I Choose for You: Meg Chooses for Cheryl (Part 3), SFMoMa Open Space
2011           member, Right Window, San Francisco
2010           Capitalism Is Over If You Want It, The Summer of Tough Love, curator, team
                   member, artist, San Francisco
2008           Contributor, Skank Bloc Bologna number 1, TART, San Francisco
2007           Contibutor, Good Times: Bad Trips, by Cliff Hengst and Scott Hewicker,
                   Gallery 16 Editions
2000           Founding member and co-publisher of Stretcher, a San Francisco based visual
                   art and culture website @
2003           Collaboration with Dan Spencer for Stretcher,"Dan and Cheryl at Home…"
2006           Participated in project by Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert, corporate board
                   member for a life as corporation project “Death & Taxes.”
1998           CALF, Coalition of Artists and Life Forms

2012           Keyword: Horizontal, Occupy as Form, ARC Muses blog, UC Berkeley
2011           Frame Capitalism, Not the Earth Capitalism Is Over! If You Want It
2011           I Choose for You: Meg Chooses for Cheryl (Part 3), SFMOMA OPEN SPACE 
2010           Will Sit/Lie Stand? Capitalism Is Over! If You Want It
2008-11      Depleted Selves, an online interactive website, with Neil Mackintosh and David
                   Lawrence, web and technical,
2006           Considering death and thinking about taxes, Third Quarterly Report of Death
                   & Taxes, a project by Sean Fletcher and Isabel Reichert,
2006           Considering Curatorial Objectivity, NYFA Current
2005           Green Room Now, Documentation of Stretcher events at Bay Area Now,
                   Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
2003           Designing Flesh and Machine, on the work of Robert Ortbal, Marjoriewood 
2002           The Ambiguous World of Wayne Smith, review of Aero-Mic'd, by Wayne Smith,
2001           High Concept Hand Work,, Jack Hanley Gallery, Pond, AOV
2001           The Loft Project, in collaboration with the Stretcher editors, Stretcher
2000           Drive By: Snapshots from the Cultural Landscape, Art Papers, Traywick Gallery
1997           Beer Drinking Sonata is the Highest Form of Art,  Art Papers, February 1996

2015          Time and Place, panel discussion, Art Department, California State University
                  Sacramento, Sacramento, CA
2011          Shop Talk: Part Three, OPENSPACE event, SFMOMA, San Francisco
2011          member, Right Window, San Francisco
2010          curatorial, Capitalism Is Over If You Want It, The Summer of Tough Love, San
2009          The Orchard Projects, Residency, Ventura, CA
2009          SFAI Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, jury member for exhibitions
2008          KPFA radio interview, Morning Show host Aimee Allison interviews Cheryl
                  Meeker (from 1:38:30 through 1:45:00)
2008          CCA Extension, Bay Area Art on Location; taught a class exploring emerging art
                  venues by neighborhood
2007          JFK University, Berkeley,  CA, MFA class critique for Mary Webster
2006          Anti/Social, Mission 17’s 3rd Annual juried exhibition, jury member with Clark
                  Buckner, Michael Zheng, and Elaine Santos
2006          Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, artist lecture for “Art/Theory/Praxis”
2005          UCB Extension, San Francisco, CA, two classes in collaboration with Dan
                  Spencer for Stretcher taught “Art in the Bay Area”
2004          SFAI, San Francisco, CA, visiting artist discussion of collaborative art groups
                  for Stretcher for Amy Ellingson
2001          CCA, San Francisco, CA, MFA Independent Study instructor
2000          CCA, San Francisco, CA, visiting artist for Sono Osato